Consumer Awareness Program

Disclosure and Transparency

  • Disclosure and Transparency are complementary positive practices that will be adopted by Capital Exchange.
  • Capital Exchange will undertake the obligation for disclosure by providing quality, accurate, complete & timely, effective, and useful information to consumer proactively that are necessary to make an informed decision regarding our Financial Products and Services.
  • The Exchange House undertakes to proactively provide useful information and advice in the Market to uphold Transparency.
  • Capital Exchange House will not engage in deceptive, misleading, fraudulent, or unfair advertisement. As part of responsible advertising, it will be ensured that the communications and the materials in the advertising are simple and easily understandable by the Consumers. 

Market Conduct

  • Capital Exchange will uphold the integrity of the Financial Market through responsible Market activities, contributing to the overall stability and confidence in the financial system.
  • The Exchange undertakes to sell and provide Consumers with appropriate products and/or services in accordance with the principles of the Consumer Protection Regulation as explained in this policy.
  • Capital Exchange will promote a competitive market by improving the freedom of choice through transparency, eliminating unreasonable and unfair barriers to competition, and providing comparative information on products and services, if required.
  • The Exchange will actively monitor, identify, respond, and address misconduct and potential market conduct risks.

Business Conduct

  • Capital Exchange will Follow appropriate Business conduct which instils an internal culture and behaviour of integrity and ethics in its services and activities including product design, development, promotion, sales, distribution, and providing finance practices;
  • Focus on minimizing Conflict of Interest and Consumer risks.
  • Ensure the financial well-being of its Consumers and will always treat consumers fairly.
  • Act with due skill, care, and diligence, fairly, honestly, and professionally in the relationship with Consumers.

Protection of Consumer Data and Assets

  • Capital Exchange will collect only the minimal amount of Consumer Data and information needed in respect of their licensed activities and remain in compliance with all other related laws. All guidelines related to consumer data, data protection, and related guidelines are clearly mentioned in the IT Security Policy
  • The IT Security Policy covers areas of Protection of Consumer Assets, Information and Data against Financial Crimes, Misappropriation and Misuse.

Consumer Education and Awareness

  • The exchange House will reduce the risk exposure of Consumers by enabling them to make financial decisions that are in their best interests by improving Consumers’ financial education and awareness.
  • The Exchange House provides unbiased educational information on the products through the website and ensures consumer awareness of any risks before acceptance of the product or services is completed.
  • Capital Exchange will assist in developing knowledge, skills, and confidence for customers to sufficiently understand risks, make informed choices, know where to go for advice/assistance, and take positive action to improve their own financial well-being.

Financial Inclusion and Gender & Racial Equality

  • Capital Exchange House provides consumers including vulnerable groups and People of Determination access to its Financial Products and Services and facilitates them to carry out financial transactions safely and efficiently. A people of determination is defined as a person suffering from a temporary or permanent, full or partial deficiency or infirmity in his physical, sensory, mental, communicational, educational, or psychological abilities to an extent that limits his possibility of performing the ordinary requirements.
  • The Exchange house ensures gender and racial equality by providing appropriate access to our products and services for Minority Groups who have differing financial needs.

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

Consumer Rights

      • We value our customers and focus on keeping the Customer safe using our system. Every Customer of a Financial Institution has the following legally recognized consumer rights as per Consumer Protection Regulations and Standards (CPR) issued by the Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE).
      • Right to be Treated Fairly: You are entitled to be treated fairly and equally with courtesy. The Exchange does not discriminate against the Customer based on gender, age, religion, caste, or physical ability when offering and delivering financial products and all Customers are treated on the Principles of Equality.
      • Right to Know: You have the right to know the correct information about the products and services that you are seeking. The Exchange has made every effort to ensure that the Customer understands our Products and Services. We are providing the key information related to our products in the Key Facts Statement which you have the right to read and review to make an informed decision. Moreover, our employees would be happy to assist you further with any enquiries that you might have.
      • Right to Choose: You have the right to choose the products and services that suit your needs the most from the multiple options available on the market. We offer products and services of quality and at competitive prices based on an assessment of the Customer’s financial circumstances and understanding.
      • Right to Privacy: The Exchange collects, holds, discloses and/or otherwise processes several types of personal data of the Customer with regards to your request for availing Exchange’s products and/or services. The Exchange has robust internal systems and controls to ensure Confidentiality of Customer information and We use the Personal Information in accordance with CPR. The Exchange will always request your expressed consent for the purpose of processing your Personal Data. That consent may be withdrawn by you at any time by providing notice to the Exchange.
      • Right to be Heard: The customer has a right to hold the Exchange accountable for errors, lapses in conduct, as well as non-performance or delays in performance of the product and/or services. If you have a complaint, first ensure that it is reasonable; If you believe that it is, you can use the following channels to raise an official complaint, and the Exchange is therefore obliged to act upon it –
        • Visit our Branch
        • Contact us on 050 5607180
        • Use our Feedback Forms available at our Branch
        • Email us at

        We always aim to respond to your complaint or query as quickly as possible.
        If the matter has been dealt with by us, but remains unresolved, a complaint may be registered with the Consumer Protection Department at CBUAE through its website

Consumer Responsibilities

You must provide accurate and correct personal and financial information to us. Failure to provide complete and accurate details may result in the request for financial services being refused.
You should read and understand all Terms and Conditions and ensure that you ask any questions that you might have prior to accepting them.
You should verify all the details gain sufficient information and choose the Product and/or Service that best suits your needs and financial capacity.
If there is a problem with the Product and/or service, You should visit or contact the Exchange to raise an enquiry or complaint in order to solve the problem before filing a formal complaint with the Consumer Protection Department at CBUAE.
You should not share your payment cards or personal and financial information like account numbers, PINs, user IDs and passwords with anyone.
You should immediately notify the Exchange in case of any unauthorized transaction on your name.



Capital Exchange provides financial service that involves the transfer of funds from one individual or entity to another, often across geographical distances. It serves as a way for people to send money to friends or family in different locations, both domestically and internationally.

Key Facts

        • Sender and Recipient : The sender is the person initiating the money transfer, while the recipient is the individual receiving the funds. Remittances are commonly used by migrant workers sending money back to their families in their home countries.
        • Counter Parties Involved : Capital Exchange maintains several counterparties to facilitate customers’ Remittance transactions. Upon receipt of a Remittance Order from customers, Capital Exchange reserves the authority to select the counterparty for the execution of remittances. However, for IMTS services, customers possess the prerogative to choose their preferred counterparty. It is important to note that all counterparties engaged by Capital Exchange have received approval from the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates.
        • Fees : Remittance Charges are subject to change in line with the remitting countries and the amount of charges varies in line with the amount of being transferred. The detailed charges are available on our website
        • Turnaround Time: Turnaround Time for the various remittance modes are as follows:
          IMPS: 24 – 48 Hours
          Cash Pickup: 24 – 48 Hours
          NEFT: 24 – 48 Hours
        • Refund and Cancellation : Refunds pertaining to invalidated transfers, or any additional remittance transactions that are returned unpaid for any cause shall be returned to the originator at the extant prevailing market purchasing rate or the transaction rate, as deemed lower. This recompense shall exclude the expenses associated with transmission, deductions originating from the beneficiary bank, charges linked to cancellation, and any supplementary expenditures sustained. Preceding the disbursement of restitution, it is mandatory to acquire an attestation denoting the absence of payment and the revocation of the initial directive from our affiliated bank or designated representative. To initiate the procedure of annulment, the initiator must furnish the original acknowledgement to the designated establishment.

Foreign Currency Exchange :

Capital Exchange provides financial service that involves the exchange of Foreign Currency which includes both the buying and selling of foreign currency.

Key Facts

        • Fees : Capital Exchange does not charge any Fee for the Foreign Currency Exchange.
        • Availability of Currency : The type of currencies maintained at the Exchange is the discretion of the Management of the Capital Exchange which is decided by taking into consideration the local population and the market demand.
        • Refund and Cancellation  : Currency once bought or sold can be returned only with a new transaction at the prevailing market rate. Neither Exchange nor its employees will be held liable for any claims or shortages thereafter.
        • Compliant Management :Customers may contact our branch to register customer complaints and they can send complaints and suggestions through Email: and call customer service numbers at +971 4 299 7599, +971 50 560 7180
        • Turnaround Time : Turnaround Time for the complaint resolution is 8 to 10 working days.
        • Key Terms and Conditions : – Capital Exchange reserves the right to decline any customer request at its sole discretion.
          – Above mentioned terms are subject to Capital Exchanges Approved Product policy.
          – The fees & charges applicable to the above product will be as per Capital Exchange’s Services & Tariff Board and are subject to change from time to time as per Capital Exchange’s absolute discretion in accordance with the UAE Central Bank regulations.
        • Warnings : – Capital Exchange may refuse to execute any requests, instructions or services requested by the Customer if the Customer fails to comply with the necessary procedures; or if the information or data are incorrect or are in violation of the applicable Laws and Regulations.
          – Please count your money before leaving the counter and obtain a receipt for your transaction. Neither Capital Exchange nor its employees will be held liable for any claims or shortages thereafter. Capital Exchange has the right to recover any amount paid in excess to the customer due to errors and oversights.
        • Notice Period : – Any changes in Terms and Conditions for any product will be communicated to customer with a notice period between 30 – 60 days to ensures that our customers are well-informed and have adequate time to adjust to any alterations in our services or policies.

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